Perfect Ecoline

The Perfect Eco Line system is characterised by the installation depth reaching the width of 73 mm, thickness of outer walls, large and identical steel reinforcements fixed in a sash and a frame. This system is also fitted with thermally welded gaskets in chambers which are rolled into a profile and in black and grey colours. Thermal and acoustic parameters of the system are the same as in case of other systems by Brügmann AD (Uf=1.4, Rw of up to 46). There are 2 types of glazing beads: a classic, which is flat, and half-round. Brügmann AD EcoLine allows to apply a glass package with thickness of glazing of up to 44 mm and Ug=0.5 W/m2*K coefficient (any kind of glass). Perfect Eco Line is equipped with modern, activPilot multipoint locking fittings made by Winkhaus with all undercut catches and rolls finished with clips equipped in mushroom striker plates. The Perfect Eco Line system by Brügmann with a frame and a flat sash with a core made of recycled PVC material. The use of such technology allows to improve weldability parameters of profiles, increase hardness and inflexibility and, undoubtedly, contributes in protection of natural environment.


  • - Brügmann profiles, the heat transfer coefficient is Uf=1.4 W/m2*K
  • - modern activPilot fitting system by Winkhaus
  • - possibility of using the concealed fitting system by Winkhaus
  • - glass by GLASSOLUTIONS (Saint-Gobain) or EFFECT GLASS, heat transfer coefficient up to 0,5 W/m2*K
  • - brown, white handles Standard or handles Secustic Hoppe (available colours: gold F4, silver F1 – light silver - and F9 – dark silver – as well as white and brown)
  • - grey gaskets with shape memory effect in white windows and in glazing beads of windows with one-sided decor foils
  • - black gaskets with shape memory effect in windows with one- and two-sided decor foils
  • - glazing beads: either Classic – flat (catalogue no. GP 124) - or Rondo – half-round (catalogue no. GP 524)
  • - Uw=0,88 W/ m2K (for the reference window 1230 mm x 1480 mm)
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