Interior window sills

A window sill made of plastic laminate resistant to moisture

A wood-like window sill, high-strength, veneered with thick and highly resistant to damage veneer

A window sill made of marble dust with resins

A marble-like window sill, glossy, made of marble dust, impact, compression and scratch resistant, does not leaves stains, resistant to temperatures from -40 to +80

A window sill made of dolomite with resins

This window sill is a combination of dolomite dust and polyamide resins. It is a material of a uniform structure which distinguishes it from agglomerate. It is commonly used in construction. Window sills of this type are very aesthetic and elegant. By using high-quality components, the window sills give the effect of a natural marble, retaining its characteristics. A special gelcoat layer protects the window sills against the sunshine.


A window sill made of granite, high-class workmanship and quality, very rigid and non-deformable