Sliding systems


HST terrace lift and slide doors which are made of PVC present a functional and comfortable structure for the most demanding customers who are looking for modern, smart and very functional solutions. The large surface of glass makes that the interior of a house is full of light. Thanks to a modern design of the HST sidle doors and proper divisions it is possible to create a construction reaching up to 6 lm in one frame. Turning of a handle causes lifting up of a slide sash and allows to move it comfortably along one axis. The use of a low doorstep, which is hidden in the floor surface, provides very smooth connection between a terrace and a garden. This low doorstep does not constitute a barrier even in case of the disabled (in accordance with dIN 18025 standard). The use of special HST fitting, in case of which the sliding system is fitted with rolls moving along aluminium guides, makes sliding of huge sashes easier and it does not require the use of strength.

Description of the HST terrace doors

  • - The SALAMANDER HST system with the installation depth of the frame of 172mm and the depth of a sash of 76mm allows to construct doors of up to 2.5m height and even 6m width,
  • - A standard double glass package with the width of 24mm and the heat transfer coefficient of Ug =1,0 W/m2k,
  • - The possibility to glaze with glass packets with thickness from 24mm to 48mm with a coefficient of Ug = 0,5 W/m2k,
  • - The HAUTAU - ATRIUM HS fitting ensures an easy and comfortable handling of sashes even with the weigh to 400kg and it was fitted with a special micro-ventilation manipulated with a handle.
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