Sliding systems

DuoPort SK Z

Sliding doors (a slider) with the duoPort SK-Z fitting is a version with a comfortable operation with a handle. This additional function makes opening and closing easier, even in case of very heavy sashes. It is enough to turn a handle and the sash will be automatically pulled out of a frame. The same situation takes place whilst locking the window. The sash is shifted to the closing position and automatic inserting of a sash to the frame, as well as locking the sash, is carried out by turning the handle. The handle of special size limits the use of strength. The customer can choose between 3 weight classes which are light sashes (up to 100 kg), heavy sashes (up to 160 kg) and very heavy sashes of up to 200 kg.The duoPort SK Z allows to produce all popular sliding constructions. The fitting is universal and using overlays on profiles is not required.

DuoPort SK Z cooperates with the system of tilt and turn fittings called activPilot, from which the frame clips are also derived, the same for all weight versions. The window manufacturer can change the standard of a fitting if the customer wishes so. It can for instance increase the level of anti-theft protection without necessity of ordering special elements.

The newest Winkhaus fitting makes it possible to fit tilt and slide sashes with height of up to 2500mm and the weight of up to 200 kg. The new construction of trolleys provides a smooth and noiseless sliding of a sash. Glazing reaching from floor to ceiling is a smart, modern solution which is getting more and more popular. So huge windows let plenty of light into the interior and provide a beautiful view, causing that spaces start "to breathe". The question is what to do to make them more functional? Our suggestion would be a new duoPort SK fitting.

The duoPort SK tilt and slide fittings is the newest product of this type made by Winkhaus and it is based on the activPilot system. This allows to construct tilt and slide sashes with the height of sliding sash of up to 2.5 m and the width of up to 1.3 m (the sash) or the width of up to 1.5 m by using the extended leaves with the weigh reaching even up to 200kg! The fitting is characterized by the largest opening of a sash (125 mm) among other tilt and slide systems available on the market, and it can be applied to profiles consisting of many chambers with high level of thermo-insulation. It is an important point in case of large glazing surfaces where the energy losses may be significant.


In case of such huge, heavy constructions safety is a crucial question. The trolleys are furnished with a protection in a case of overload. The lock of wrong operation makes it impossible to put the sash out of the frame by a careless user. Stability and reliability of the working system are also increased by the modified connection between handle and fitting and a new articulated mechanism of an air latch. The fitting in the basic version is equipped with solid locking pins. The level of the anti-theft protection is regulated by the exchange of proper number of standard clips for anti-burglary clips. The duoPort SK 160 Z version fulfils the requirements of the DIN V ENV 1627-1630 standard in a 2 resistance class.

Charakterysyczną cechą okucia duoPort SK Z jest wyjątkowa płynność funkcjonowania. Średnica rolek wózków jezdnych została zwiększona o 20 proc. w porównaniu do dotychczas stosowanych rozwiązań. Ta zmiana konstrukcyjna spowodowała podwyższenie komfortu użytkowania drzwi przesuwnych: skrzydło przesuwa się lekko i bezszelestnie. Do skrzydeł o ciężarze powyżej 160 kg stosuje się stabilne podwójne wózki w jednoczęściowym korpusie, które gwarantują komfort przesuwania nawet bardzo ciężkich drzwi.


The duoPort SK fitting is designed in a way which guarantees a maximum of convenience during the process of window production and their assembly. In all weight versions the fitting requires only a 35 mm wide assembly strip. Such parameters of fitting allow to produce tilt and slide sashes from standard window profiles. Using of the same sets of guides in all weight versions make considerable logistic savings. The operation of joining a sash and a frame together is made easier and it is very easy to check if the sash is locked correctly in the frame, thanks to the possibility of a visual control. Adjustments are easy too, as they are carried out exclusively with one tool. What is more, the re-adjusted sashed are secured with a fixing clip.

Even large tilt and slid sashes do not take a lot of space in a flat, in contrast to the traditional windows which open inwards. These windows are beautiful and functional. We propose duoPort SK Z for those who look for light, space and comfort!

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