Sliding systems

DuoPort PAS

The sliding fitting with an innovative function of secure airing.

The duoPort PAS innovative sliding fitting gives a new functional dimension for sliding windows. The function of airing by a parallel opened sash towards the frame, which was introduced by the company, allows for a natural and even exchange of air, even when the home-dwellers are absent. The operation is intuitive and exceptionally comfortable.

A new way of airing

The high tightness of modern buildings causes that the need for controlled supply of fresh air is even more required. Winkhaus proposes a perfect solution – a function of parallel opening of the sash from the frame. In this way a 6-millimeter gap on the whole circuit of a window is created, which enables natural exchange of air. The additional advantage of such a way of airing is its energy efficiency in comparison to airing with an opened window.

The unique feature of the duoPort SK Z fitting is its smoothness of functioning. The diameter of the trolley rolls was increased by 20 percent in comparison with the solutions applied so far. Such a construction change improved the comfort of using the sliding doors as the sashes move with ease and noiseless. For sashes weighing over 160 kg firm double trolleys are used in a one-piece main body, which ensure the sliding comfort even of very heavy doors.

Comfort of operation

The new fitting allows to use 3 functions which are sliding, locking, and airing at the sash which is moved away from the frame in a parallel way – everything with the use of a simple window handle. Thanks to built-in shock absorbers and appliances allowing to store energy, one can freely move the sashes weighing up to 160 kg. A special construction of air latches and trolleys as well as the FSF locking system of turning a handle of the activPilot system ensure an intuitive and comfortable use of sliding doors.

Easy and fast assembly

Factory-completed sets of guides allow to minimalize the work effort during the production process and assembly of a window. The activPilot multi-point locking fittings and clips are also applied in case of window plastic joinery with the tilt and turn function. Thus, one can reduce logistic and storage costs of elements.

A wide range of applications

The duoPort PAS fitting has been adjusted for multi-chamber profiles with increased thermal insulation properties. This allows obtain designs of two, three or four parts with a maximum weight of a sash of 160 kg. The frame elements are suitable for the majority of profile systems which are available on the market.

Secure airing

The combination of an octagonal locking pin and specially designed frame clips made of steel ensure greater security even in a standard version of duoPort PAS fitting. In case of slot airing, it is possible to reach the same class of burglary protection as provided by a closed window (up to RC2 under EN 1627-1630 standard). Thanks to this it is possible to air a flat in a natural way, even when the home-dwellers are absent.

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