Terrace door

  • - four-chamber door leaves in white, one- or two-sided veneered
  • - four-chamber frames in colour, one- or two-sided veneered
  • - five-chamber frames in white

We offer terrace doors manufactured based on profiles with high equilibrium by Brügmann. The way of opening inwards or outwards might be customized.


  • - Brügmann profiles
  • - modern fittings by Winkhaus
  • - Saint-Gobain or Press-Glass glass, thermal transmission coefficient already from U-0.5 W/m2*K
  • - brown or white handles
  • - grey gaskets with shape memory in case of white doors and glazing beads in case of one-sided veneered doors
  • - black gaskets with shape memory in case of one- and two-sided veneered doors
  • - Historic glazing bead (catalogue No. GP 224)

Our Doors Offer

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