With an installation depth of 82.5 mm and modern five-chamber technology, the new S 9000 front door offers outstanding heat insulation. Also impressive is the new front door's stability. This is accomplished by the large chamber for stiffening elements, shaped steel reinforcements and matching corner reinforcements.


  • - installation depth of 82.5 mm
  • - 5-chamber profile
  • - large main chamber
  • - shaped steel reinforcements
  • - matching corner reinforcements
  • - firm bond in the area of the ground threshold produced by the vinyl and aluminium parts.

An asset of the new front door is also a systemically designed drip cap, which not only has an attractive appearance, but also provides an effective protection from rain as well as guarantees unique tightness in the threshold area thanks to the multi-plane arrangement of the brush gaskets.

The front door threshold with the minimum height of 20 mm ensures comfortable entering, at the same time meeting the requirements for heat insulation and tightness.

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