Outer doors

PVC doors are another position that we offer which is much sought-for by customers. All our doors are made of profiles by Brügmann. As it is the case with our PVC windows, our doors were awarded CE certificates, which makes the products ready for use in all of Europe.

  • - four-chamber door leaves in white, one- or two-sided veneered
  • - four-chamber frames in colour, one- or two-sided veneered
  • - five-chamber frames in white

We offer entrance doors manufactured based on profiles with high equilibrium by Brügmann. The way of opening inwards or outwards might be customized. There is fillings used in case of exterior doors.

We offer a wide selection of stained glass and ornamental glass too.


  • - Brügmann profiles
  • - modern fittings by Winkhaus
  • - Saint-Gobain or Press-Glass glass, thermal transmission coefficient already from U-0.5 W/m2*K
  • - brown or white handles
  • - grey gaskets with shape memory in case of white doors and glazing beads in case of one-sided veneered doors
  • - black gaskets with shape memory in case of one- and two-sided veneered doors
  • - Historic glazing bead (catalogue No. GP 224)

Our Doors Offer

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