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Description of the system:

The system of a light curtain wall. MC-Wall curtain wall consists of vertical mullions and horizontal transoms joined together with pins made of stainless steel. 2 or 3 O 6 stainless steel connectors per one joint providing a very high carrying capacity of a mullion-transom joint, both in a wind-pressure surface and a glass-pressure surface. It does not interfere with the use of traditional transom supports or fixing them only with screws from the front. The transoms are insulated with the use of thermal break clamped in the Aliplast frame at the production stage of the profiles. It eliminates the occurrence of possible errors due to assembly of thermal breaks at the construction site. This solution of a transom integrated with the thermal break significantly accelerates the installation of a façade wall. The selection of a thermal break depends on the thickness of the filling in the curtain wall. The thickness of fillings possible to be applied are from 24 mm to 31 mm in case of transoms with a clamped thermal break and up to 42 mm in case of transoms with a separate thermal break. A plastic insulating profile is inserted to the mullions in the place of installation of the wall. The structure of a column is always traditional: it means that a thermal break, a terminal block and a mounting slat are always separate elements. The whole construction of the curtain wall might be finished with any kind of decorating and masking strips, with rounded edges, so called "soft line", and traditional rectangular strips, from the outside.

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