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Description of the system:

This is a three-chamber system purposed to exterior doors, windows and any kind of shop windows. A thermal break of 24 mm width used in the profiles, made of polyamide reinforced with a multidirectional oriented fiberglass, significantly improves mechanical resistance of outer and inner chambers of the profiles. The thermal break is additionally fitted with Coex sealing wire which, during the baking process of powder-coated profiles, creates a perfect vapour barrier film and excellent seal. The U-values of IMPERIAL door profiles is of UR =2,2÷2,3 W/m2K, which classifies them in 2.1 material group according to DIN 4108. Thanks to the following parameters: large width of profiles, i.e. 65 mm (window frames, door frames, bars, door leaves) and 74 mm (window sashes) as well as wall thickness of 1.7÷2.0 mm, a rigid and static profile that allows to design doors with maximum leaves dimensions: width of 1300 mm - at maximum height of 2200 mm, width of 1200 mm - at maximum height of 2400 mm. Fastening system of fillings: from 4 to 51 mm (giving also the possibility of glazing from the outside), the use of banded fittings a wide range of doorstep solutions make a very advanced and versatile system. The advantage of the IMPERIAL windows is the possibility of choosing a window sash adjusted to the dimensions of the window (several types of window frames and sashes) and a selection of a sash depending on the fittings - there are sashes intended for aluminium fittings, compliant with the EURO norm, as well as PVC fittings of windows.


  • - shop windows with insulating glass units and single panes
  • - turn and tilt windows, casement windows, tilt and slide windows
  • - doors opening outwards and inwards, single- and double-leaf doors, with lights
  • - swing and sliding doors
  • - horizontal or vertical pivot windows

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