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What you need to know about skylight openers?

Skylight openers are devices for top-hung windows which open inwards or outwards and whose opening is to be controlled remotely. The use of "remote control" term is not an exaggeration. Tilting the window is not a problem if the wind is fixed low. In this case it is enough to use a handle with appropriate multipoint locking fittings setup, which depends on the dimension of the window being tilted. But what if you need to open the window that is beyond the reach of the average user? It is the time to use skylight openers whose various versions have been designed to help us in such situations. Such solutions might have been seen a number of times in a closer or more distant past.

Today, the systems of elevators and gears, whose function is to open the skylights, are still found in pre-war buildings. If you are lucky and they have not been time-worn or painted over with another layer of paint, you can still admire how beautifully they operate. Over the years, as a result of introducing further technical innovations, more and more interesting solutions have been introduced which, in addition to their functionality, gained more from their aesthetics and look. Thanks to these advantages and a flat shape of modern openers, they can be freely arranged depending on your needs. I mean the skylight fittings by HAUTAU. The company is a manufacturer of PRIMAT-FL 190 skylight fittings which we have in our offer. It allows to control the process of tilting the window sash with the use of an elevator, rods, crankshaft mechanism or, in some cases, electric drivers. In the field of window and door joinery, this system is perfect because of the variety of applications and the possibility of installing it virtually on each window, regardless of the technology used for the production of windows. Such mechanisms can be fixed on wooden, aluminium or PVC windows. Flat skylights are generally known and their installation does not cause any troubles. However, not everyone knows that, for instance, elastic lines (rods) can be used for the drive of an elevator of windows fixed in a bay. And what if a window needs to be placed higher than 3 metres from the handle?

The answer is a screw gear which allows to assembly windows which are difficult from the technical point of view. An essential part of a screw gear is a crankshaft. A Cardan joint constitutes a connection between the crankshaft and the screw gear. This joint allows for the curve of 45 °, which gives the crankshaft numerous application possibilities. An additional advantage is the possibility of fluent adjustment for tilting windows within the range of air latches. In case of highly placed windows, e.g. in sports halls (as placing any control devices lower may be questioned for safety reasons) such elements as removable crank, used for opening windows, might be fixed. This means that the end of the drive is left at the height of let us say 3 metres, and the windows are opened with the use of a specially adapted crank. This solution reduces window opening by unauthorized persons, too. The screw gear allows for firm closing of a window sash and a large pitch enables quick closing and opening. It is especially useful in case of skylight openers which are "heavy" to be operated.

Primat FL190 skylight opener

Skylight openers are used to tilt a window sash in case of windows which are installed in inaccessible places - they cannot be tilted and closed in a traditional manner with the use of a handle as they are too high and cannot be reached. They are controlled from the ground level via an elevator and a transmission corner or a crank and a spindle gear. They are primarily used in public facilities such as gyms, hospitals, schools, churches. In view of great interest in this type of mechanisms, Hautau saw the need to expand the PRIMAT FL 180 solution which has been used so far, and introduced the Primat FL 190 version.

The new solution is characterized by increased resistance - the maximum weight of a window sash for FL 190 version is 40kg/m2, at maximum weight of the sash amounting to 80 kg. The mechanisms have been additionally furnished in the third locking point, which improves the contact pressure to the window frame. This assures better locking and sealing of the window.

The sliding surface of the guide of the rod is shaped in the form of a spline, resulting in lower wear of the element. In this new solution the range of a window sash tilt has been increased up to 190 mm; an increased tilt does not adversely affect the operation of the elevator that works smoothly and easily.

The FL 190 version of an elevator has an improved ergonomic design (the handle is adapted to fingers shape). The possibility to use the elevator, which is locked with a door lock cylinder, is a recommended novelty in case of this solution. The elevator with a lock is used in places where unauthorized persons should not manipulate the opener (e.g. in kindergartens or schools).

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