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Winkhaus activPilot modern fittings used in a standard version, guarantee perfect performance for decades. Brown or white PVC handles are provided as standard equipment. What is more, a microventilation is used in a standard option in case of turn and tilt windows, which enables to set a 2-3 mm slot facilitating the air flow. Optionally, there is a possibility of installing additional elements such as

  • Secustic Luxembourg aluminium handle
  • balcony door latch (prevents from door hitting the frame or the wall at the exit to the balcony)
  • anti-mishandling device (ensures corrects position of the door handle)
  • Hautau mechanism (allows to control a highly fixed window)
  • opening limiter (eliminates the danger of a leaf hitting the frame or the wall)
  • MSL mechanism (allows for multistage opening of the window)
  • a handle with a key (protects against opening the window, e.g. in children's room)

activPilot Tilt First - a window which is safe for children

Changing the order of opening the window (tilt first) is an effective protection for children against the accident. In a special version of activPilot Tilt First (tilt prior to opening) fitting, the rotation of a handle causes tilting of the wing, and it allows for full opening of the window only after turning the handle to the vertical position. An additional protection is a special handle which is locked with a door lock cylinder with a key. This solution guarantees opening the window only after turning the key.

activPilot Comfort

Lots of moisture appears in such rooms as bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, and it should be regularly disposed from the apartment. Otherwise, moisture and fungus appear on the walls and they do not only damage the walls but, most of all, they are harmful to our health. The activPilot Comfort helps to solve this problem and enables effective ventilation through a 6-milimeter gap between a window sash and a frame. This gap provides fresh air and healthy indoor climate.

Room ventilation causes significant losses of energy during cold seasons. If the wind is moved away from the frame, the outgoing heated air escapes at the top and cold air inflows from the bottom slowly spreading evenly throughout the room, which does not cool down and the energy losses are much smaller.

The activPilot Comfort fitting is a unique fitting offered on the market that provides an increased burglary protection during airing. This is thanks to a unique design of framework hooks. Special steel hooks, installed on the contour of the frame, significantly impede forceful opening of the sash of the window frame, both when closed and during slot ventilation. The position of a handle does not reveal that the window is not locked and does not encourage the burglars for opening it. The activPilot Comfort meets the requirements of fittings of the first or the second class of burglary resistance.

activPilot Select

Fully concealed hinges – activPilot Select

ActivPilot Select is a solution that makes it possible to fully conceal the hinges under the sash. In other words, the hinges are discreetly hidden in the sash-to-frame clearance. As a result, the hinges are invisible when the window is closed.

Load bearing capacity of max. 150 kg

Big glazing and well lit rooms are a symbol of modern architecture. Such solutions require fitting systems suitable for heavy sashes, especially when there is triple glazing.

The activPilot Select fitting system has a modular construction and – in its standard version – load bearing capacity up to 100 kg. As a result of using 2 additional elements, the load bearing capacity of the fitting system may achieve up to 150 kg (also in already installed windows).

Universal aesthetic advantages of windows

The activPilot Select has great aesthetic advantages. It is compatible with a wide choice of window colours and surfaces. Standard fitting systems limit that choice due to visible hinge covers, available in a limited number of colours.

High energy efficiency

Apart from the aesthetic advantages, the window with concealed hinges has better thermal insulation properties. The hinges are fully concealed in the sash-to-frame clearance. As a result, a thermal bridge does not occur, the windows are prevented from overcooling due to the fact that there are no contact zones between the outside and the inside. The gasket continuity is maintained on the whole circumference of the sash.

Easy maintenance

The fully concealed hinges improve thermal insulation and facilitate window maintenance.


ActivPilot Select’s user-friendly design offers window builders vastly simplified and accelerated installation and adjustment of the fittings with no special tools. No need for special drilling or complicated milling when producing windows. Locking points can be moved right into the corners – for more stability and safety. Depending on the sash weight, sashes can be fitted by a single qualified employee.

activPilot Select - Adjustment and maintenance

Secustic handle

The Secustic handle increases burglary protection.

Old gold

SecuForte handle

Burglary-resistant handles

With SecuForte®, HOPPE offers a completely new standard in burglary resistance. This happens, because the handle and the square spindle are not connected – it is a unique concept that protects against the unauthorised opening of a window from outside.

The advantages:

  • - Protection against break-ins by piercing the glass seal, drilling the frame or manipulating the hardware
  • - Automatic locking function when the window is closed (0°) and when tilted (180°)

The burglary-resistant SecuForte handles are available in a broad range of colours – white, brown, F1, F3, F4, F9 and a new colour – BLACK.



The new window handles may be used with both the activPilot fitting system and the activSelect concealed fitting system.


With SecuForte®, HOPPE offers a new standard in burglary resistance.

New operation principle of the window handle:

SecuForte® handles are moved differently than usual. To open the window, the handle is first pushed in the direction of the rosette. This releases the locking and the handle can be turned as usual.

When closing or tilting the window, the handle is locked and can only be operated by pushing it again.

The principle of “push to turn” has been around for a long time. It is used, for example, in child-proof bottles for dangerous materials such as medications and cleaning products, to make the container virtually impossible to be opened by children and protect them against injuries that may be caused by the content of the bottle.

Swing handles by Hoppe


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