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Szukają Państwo skutecznego sposobu, by usprawnić transport i montaż dużych konstrukcji okiennych oraz szyb wielkogabarytowych ...

Korzystaj z nowoczesnych, energooszczędnych rozwiązań.

Wykorzystaj innowacyjne pomysły zapewniające najwyższy stopień komfortu i bezpieczeństwa.



Drzwi przesuwne Smart Slide


7 chambers in the frame; 2-chamber middle gasket


ECLAZ - szkło nowej generacji, dzięki któremu pomieszczenia stają się jaśniejsze

See how modern windows and doors are created

We have prepared a short video demonstrating
the process of developing modern windows and doors in our Company.
Welcome to watch the video.

6 chamber profile construction

Wprowadziliśmy do produkcji nowy system okienny SPECTRUM

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Changes in the commercial offer

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our offer


  • Thanks to applying the latest technological solutions, we offer windows which are distinguished by the highest quality and modernity.
  • All types of windows have CE marking confirming their compliance with the most rigorous European standards.
  • Our PVC windows are manufactured from the best PVC profile currently available on the Polish market: Brügmann and Salamander.


  • We are still expanding and upgrading our PVC doors offer. The latest news are tilt and slide doors and "HST" lift and slide doors.
  • All doors offered by us are manufactured from Brügmann profiles and have CE marking, which makes them available in the whole Europe.

Our Doors Offer

Sliding systems

  • The DuoPort SK S and Z, the duoPort PAS and the HST tilt and slide window fittings are modern, smart and very functional complement of glazing, which can reach from floor to ceiling.
  • The sliding systems with window fittings made by Winkhaus enable to produce tilt and slide sashes which can weigh even up to 200 kg.
  • Thanks to the lock of wrong operation, the use of tilt and slide window fittings is entirely secure.
  • The maximal dimensions of the HST lift and slide terrace door can be of 2.5 m height and even 6 m width.
  • The HAUTAU - ATRIUM HS window fittings are used in case of the HST doors and give the possibility of comfortable handling of sashes with a weight reaching up to 400 kg.

aluminium systems

aluminium systems
  • We are pleased to offer high quality Aliplast aluminium systems and their joining technology.
  • Such solutions ensure appropriate parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation, rainwater tightness and penetration of air.
  • All system offered by us are adapted to Polish and European construction standards.

Our Aluminium Systems offer

window sills

window sills
  • Are you replacing windows? Replace parameters too, and avoid difficult and problematic installation of window sills later, achieving a good colour matching duo. If you adjust new window sills to windows installed a long time ago, these two elements might not fit.

door fillings

door fillings
  • Regardless of whether you prefer classics or extravagance, a number of door fillings types might be found in our offer. Are you looking for something more? We recommend ornaments which will give your door a completely new spirit.

Our Door Fillings Offer

window accessories

window accessories
  • You will find a selection of accessories in our offer - just everything you need to install windows or doors. We offer, among others, connectors and additional fittings which increase functionality of windows and doors.